I’m Heather! I am a portrait/life photographer in and around the Washington County, MD area! -and beyond!

I hold an associates degree in business management. Prior to mom life I worked in the corporate world for 6 years. Creativity is in my blood. I never wanted to be confined by a desk, in school and at work. I loved photography the moment I was able to hold my blue Fischer price film camera! What started as a hobby and with the encouragement of family/friends, business mentors and Gods provision and strength, I was led to make this hobby a legit business in 2019.

I have a heart to serve and create connection with people, the mind to create- that thrives on pushing the rules and asking “why” all the time. I take risks, sometimes I fall on my face and sometimes I fly! I live life with no regrets and put my heart and faith in 100% of what I do.

At the end of 2020 I opened up a photography and creative art studio in downtown Smithsburg to run my photography business out of and offer family friendly workshops and classes on all things arts and craft. The studio also opens opportunities to share the love of Jesus with our clients and the community. Opening the studio would not be possible without this girl below!

I’m Rachel! I’m the Manager at The Smithsburg Studio.

No matter what color hair I happen to have that day, you will always see me creating. I teach most of the workshops at the studio. Paint Nights, Crochet, Saturday Crafts, you name it, and I’ve probably taught it. I love working with everyone who walks through the doors to create something special and unique. I’ve always enjoyed making beautiful things, and at The Smithsburg Studio I’m able to share that — I’m living my dream.

Rachel holds an Associate of Arts Degree with a concentration in visual arts from Hagerstown Community College.