The Smithsburg Studio

Photography, Creative Art & Crafts Studio

The Smithsburg Studio
2 West Water Street,
Smithsburg, MD 21783

We love being part of a small town, and we’re so happy to bring art to the community. Not only are we using the studio for our own photography business, but we want to give local crafters/artists the opportunity to teach workshops and display items for show or sell in a beautiful space. Heather Corbin Photos owns the art studio which is the hub for her photography business.


Glass Display Case

Our glass display cases are a great, affordable way to display your art in a public space. Perfect for art pieces smaller than 12″ tall, shelves are rented by the month.


Workshops are an amazing way to bring art into the community. Crafter or small business owner The studio can be rented in time-blocks of 2, 4, or 6 hours and includes table and stools/chairs for students.

Gallery Wall

For larger pieces, the gallery wall is an awesome option. Each month, we will feature one artist’s work on the gallery wall.

Let’s make something together.