The Smithsburg Studio

A Photography, Creative Art & Crafts Studio

Rent our studio space for your next meeting, client and/or parties! Ask us how!

The Smithsburg Studio
2 West Water Street,
Smithsburg, MD 21783

We love being part of a small town, and we’re so happy to bring art to the community. Not only are we using the studio for our own photography business, but we want to give local crafters/artists the opportunity to teach workshops and display items for show or sell in a beautiful space. Heather Corbin Photos owns the art studio and allows Heather an indoor space to photograph clients, sell prints and products as well as personal design options.


Sell your items in the Studio!

Starting in Sept. 2021 we have changed our structure with our vendors. Specific vendors who would like to sell out of the studio will receive a commission base sales structure of 80/20. To get more info please reach out to Rachel!


Workshops are an amazing way to bring art into the community. Crafter or small business owner The studio can be rented in time-blocks of 2, 4, or 6 hours and includes table and stools/chairs for students.


We offer party packages and space rental options for all events and private parties! Lets chat!

Let’s make something together.